All Products are Intended for Use with Tobacco & Other Legal Herbs.



Taste the difference with Dragbar! A small, simple, and easy to use disposable vape. 


Designed by Zoovoo, the Dragbar 1000 and 2200 are sleek and easy to use disposable vape devices. With a nicotine strength of 50mg, the Dragbar 1000 and 2200 offer a long-lasting vape with no charging required.


The Dragbar 1000 features a 5000mAh battery prefilled with 3.5mL of nicotine salt in a small, compact disposable device. Looking for something that lasts longer? The Dragbar 2200 offers the same great performance as the Dragbar 1000 but features double the battery life at 1000mAh and 6.5mL of prefilled e-liquid. Both the Dragbar 1000 and 2200 come in 10 different mouth-watering flavors:


Lush Ice

Banana Ice

Strawberry Ice

Peach Ice

Grape Ice


Green Apple Ice

O.M.G. (Orange, Mango, Guava)


Mango Ice


PLEASE NOTE: We sell through a ton of disposable vapes, so many so that our vendors often have trouble keeping up with the demand. As a result, the available flavors in each brand do vary literally daily at our Kansas City store and we can't possibly keep them updated here. If there is an exact brand or flavor that you want, please feel free to give us a call to make sure that we have it in stock.