All Products are Intended for Use with Tobacco & Other Legal Herbs.



We've combed through over 100 brands of detox to bring only the best and most effective to Kansas City, MO!


In our modern toxin filled world it is more important than ever to be able detoxify and cleanse our bodies. At KC Smoke & Vape we understand that everyone's detoxifying needs are different so we have solutions that are tailored to suit the full spectrum of those needs.


Just a few examples are:

  • Quick flush options designed to work in 24 hours or less in a variety of forms including drinks, shots, capsules, and combinations of the three
  • Detox boosters such as pre-cleansers and more intense formulas for high toxins levels or high body mass
  • For your ongoing detox needs we offer daily use detox teas including a loose leaf organic version and a pre-bagged, commercial variety


There are literally hundreds of detox brands on the market and unfortunately the majority of them have very little efficacy. When selecting the brands that we carry we didn't consider their packing or marketing, we didn't consider their price point, and we didn't even consider our margin. We concentrated entirely on customer experiences and independent reviews. We have access to every brand on the market and we could have chosen to sell any of them but we know that our customers trust & depend on our judgment so we only wanted to carry the very best. Even within the brands that we chose, we only went with the fastest acting products and targeting our selection so that we would have options for every toxin level and body mass level.


Not every option is right for everyone so our staff has been highly trained to help you determine the correct one for you. Stop by today; we would love to help.