All Products are Intended for Use with Tobacco & Other Legal Herbs.

About Us

Since we started back in 1995, we have constantly evolved.
We strive each day to improve and to serve you better.


We have a simple creed; we aren't here to sell things, we are here to solve problems. Our goal when you walk in the door is to determine what problem you're having and to share our possible solutions with you. If you just want to grab something & go then sure, we are here to help with that too but if you want to learn about the options, find out what we like or dislike about them, and find out why we would or wouldn't recommend one, we would love to share that information.


Keep in mind, we are experts at what we do. We see what products have problems & where. We hear the success stories from happy customers who come back & tell us how much they loved something that we recommended. We have been highly trained through an inhouse training program that generally takes 6 months to complete. After that we follow up with daily ongoing training on new  products as well as roleplaying to help remind us of what we've learned in the past. We want to help and a success story makes our day!


Unique Products


Years in Business


Knowledgeable Team Members

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Sourcing


We have a full time buyer whose primary job is staying on top of popular trends in our industry, locating products that customers request, and tracing sources up the food chain to cut out middlemen; allowing us to offer our customers the best prices possible. This 25 years of sourcing experience plus our large volume buying power equals savings that we can pass along to you.

An International Selection Locally


We carry products from all over the world; whether that's hand carved meerschaum pipes from turkey or hand blown glass from local artists. Our tobaccos originate in the US, Africa, Europe, & the Middle East. Our Happy Panda brand of teas and wellness products brings a world of goodness back to our home town from around the world and our KC Juice e-liquid is made here locally!

The Quality That YOU Want


Some stores sell cheaper, lower quality items, others offer the nicest, priciest, top of the line items, & still others hover somewhere in the middle. We take what is called a "good, better, best" approach. We try to carry the full spectrum in each category so that we can offer what YOU want to buy rather than just what we want to sell.